TV Guard - AJTVG-6A
Protect LED, LCD & CRT TV, Lap Top, Hi-fi Setup, DVD Player,
Computer And Other Electronic Equipment From High & Low Voltage
Low cost, easy to operate.
Protects against high voltage, surges/spikes and power-back surges.
Delivers clean power to your equipment.
Prevents from damages caused by power related problem.
Manufacturer 2 Years Warranty
Proud Sri Lanka Products
Technical Specifications
Model No. : AJTVG-6A
Voltage : 180-260V (Factory Set)
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Rating Output Current : 06 AMP MAX
Power Ration : 1300VA
Cord Length : 1.5M, Power Cord Indian Type 5A Plug
On Time Delay : 15 Seconds
LED Indicator : Green LED Indicator - Protection Working
  : Green LED Indicator Blinking - Delay
  : Red LED Indicator- High Voltage
  : Yellow LED Indicator- Low Voltage
Enclosure : Durable HIPS Housing
Dimensions : 140x100x53mm (LxWxH)
Weight : 0.460kg
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